Majak Hall

The largest and most beautiful hall of the National House in Vinohrady is the Majakov Hall, which covers over 500 m² and accommodates up to 700 visitors. It is beautifully decorated, with a three-part fresco ceiling, two magnificent chandeliers, a range of sculptures and busts spread around the hall. The overall decoration of the hall is a complete work of art celebrating especially the town district of Královské Vinohrady.

Balcony of the Majak Hall

The Majakov Hall’s balcony reproduces the L-shaped floor plan on two sides. It can be a nice extension of the hall’s capacity, for example, in graduation balls, as well as a separate rack area. An interesting feature is the unique sound-proofing system of the balcony, which can be completely separated from the Majakov Hall and used as a separate space for, for example, small conferences.

Rais Hall

Rais Hall, originally built as a theater (over the years several theater scenes were located), is the second largest hall of the National House in Vinohrady. In the Raisova Hall you can use both a large foyer and a separate foyer. It is very suitable as a welcome drink, after party, separate small conferences, but can also be used for medium sized groups such as a dignified area for gala dinners or banquets.

Social Hall

The social hall, the smallest of the three large halls of the National House in Vinohrady, originated from the original winter garden and today boasts a unique glass ceiling. It is ideal for comfortably tuned events, for smaller conferences, dinners, private celebrations such as weddings, graduations, smaller balls, but also as a place of honor for general meetings, paintings auction etc.

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