In today’s hurried times we often forget one of the things without which we cannot imagine life – food. To make time in the office and during your business trip, take a trip to a restaurant or simply sit down for a while and enjoy the tasty food in peace, unfortunately, it is becoming more and more time luxury. Golem catering therefore offers an alternative that is just right for these occasions, when you simply do not manage. Contents Lunch boxes can be freely combined with each other at will. Another advantage is work, which is practical just by the fact that in addition to a delicious menu, it also includes a cutlery and a napkin.

Note. If you are interested, you can order a Lunch box with your own graphic design and have it made.

Lunch Gourmet : 590 CZK

Who says you can enjoy good food on a plate? Try the “Gourmet” Lunch Box to please the gourmet taste buds.

Starter options

Avocado with lobster salad

Parma ham with pineapple melon

Smoked salmon with marinated tuna fish

Herring in Swedish dressing

Main course options 150g

Duck breast marinated in herbs and fresh ginger, vegetable sautée, polenta croquette and curcuma cream

Beef fillet with pepper, ratatouille, leek potatoes and Dutch sauce

Freshly smoked and grilled salmon, Thai asparagus salad, confit tomatoes and orange sauce Béarnaise

St. Jacob´s shells with cream spinach and polenta soufflé

Desert options

Chocolate cake with sour cherries

Yoghurt cake with fresh fruit

Apple pie with Calvados

Pannacotta with fresh fruit



Lunch Classic : 585 CZK

Is there a cocktail of shrimps, avocados and red grapefruit or just a delicious apple strudel with vanilla sauce? Lunch box “Classic” will never go out of fashion.


Starter options

Prawn cocktail with avocado and red grapefruit

Home-made tender pork paté with marinated vegetable

Grilled marinated vegetable

Thai asparagus salad

Main course options 150g

Pork fillet in mustard crust with Parma ham, vegetable risotto and delicate chilli sauce

Chicken breast with tender filling with thyme and dry Martini served with grilled marinated vegetable

Fresh vegetable salad with chicken nuggets

Fried turkey steak with Bavarian potato salad

Dessert options


Apple strudel with vanilla cream

Plum cake

Sour cherry pie



Lunch Original: 565 CZK

Get off the line and let yourself be drifting on the waves of taste. Lunch box “Original” gets you for example with delicious sushi set (Nigiri 2 pcs, Nori maki 4 pcs, Oshi 2 pcs, Soy sauce Kikoman, pickled ginger Gari, Wasabi).



Marinated salmon with green salad


Main course options 150g

Nigiri 2 pcs, Nori maki 4 pcs, Oshi 2 psc, Kikoman soya sauce, Gari marinated ginger, wasabi horse radish

Steamed aubergine with soya sauce or cheeses


Chocolate mousse with fresh fruit




Lunch Vegetarian: 565 CZK

At Golem catering, we respect those who voluntarily choose not to consume some animal products or simply do not like them. The Lunch Box “Vegetarian” is therefore designed to satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.


Starter options

Mushroom paté with arugula pesto

Young creamy spinach with quail egg

Main course options 150g

Aubergine tarte tatin with fresh herb cheese, mushroom sautée, roasted ratte potatoes and basil pesto

Vegetable tagliatelle with mushrooms in herb sauce and Parmesan cheese

Dessert options

Strawberry cake

Yoghurt cake



If you are not interested in our offer of Lunch Boxes or just looking for something smaller to eat, we have a version of so-called Snack Boxes for you. If you are interested, please contact us and we will send you the complete offer.




All mentioned prices include 15% VAT